New Local Rule wef 31 March 2017

Please note the following new Local Rule

Temporary Fences 14th hole

1) A ball lying completely within an area of works defined by a temporary fence must be lifted and dropped without penalty in the relevant dropping zone (DZ) referred to below.

2) Alternatively, if a ball subject to (1) above can be seen, and the player and marker agree the ball in question is undoubtedly the player's ball then -

                a) at the player's discretion, or
                b) if it is impracticable to retrieve the ball,

a substitute ball may be dropped in the DZ.

3) Temporary fencing shall be deemed to be an 'immoveable obstruction' for the purpose of the Rules of Golf and relief may be taken under the provisions of Rule 24-2(b). (Without penalty, drop within one club length of nearest point of relief, not nearer the hole). For the purpose of this rule only 'line of play 'relief is included.

Note 1 Rules of Golf shall apply to a ball lost in the areas of work - there is no relief.
Note 2 To speed up play you are encouraged to play a substitute ball on the 4th hole.

Drop Zones (DZ)

14th Hole Areas marked to the front right of the green and behind - use the DZ closest to where the ball originally lay